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E-Lites Electric Cigarette's - UK'S BEST ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE.

An Electric Cigarette, mini cigarette, ecig or Electronic Cigarette as they are also known is todays must have gadget that gives you a healthier smoking alternative, without smoke. Electric Cigarettes provide the nicotine that you need by way of a water vapour instead of by burning tobacco and you inhaling cigarette smoke.

This makes it a much healthier smoking alternative as you do not get the 4000 bad chemicals that are found in normal cigarettes. On top of this they are not tobacco, and can be used where there is a smoking ban as well as being a lot cheaper than normal cigarettes, saving you lots of money too.

How "E-Lites" Electric Cigarettes Work.

When you inhale a sensor and microprocessor activate the atomizer which injects tiny droplets of the liquid that contains nicotine into the flowing air and vaporises the nicotine into a warm smoke like vapour. An Electronic cigarette really is a heathier smoking alternative.

The E-Lites E Cigs are available in regular strength (Reds), light nicotine strength (Golds), menthol (Greens) and the latest edition to E-Lites e-cigarette cartridges, nicotine free.

Our best electronic cigarette ever is produced by what many electronic cigarette reviews consider the best electronic cigarette company, and is available to order right now delivered to your door in days.

1 E-cig Cartridge Is The Equivalent To Approximately 40 Traditional Cigarettes.

Buying e-cig refills in bulk saves you even more. If you purchase 100 electronic cigarette cartridges, then 20 cigarettes will cost as little as £1.50

The best way to start is to buy a starter kit. This gives you everything you need including the initial refills so you can try electronic smoking. All you need to do then is buy refills as and when required.

"The e-cig is probably one of the best purchases I've made this year. Amazing,Terrific,wonderful.

I Already feel healthier I can breath easier, although I am coughing more at the moment, but my doctor say's that's because I'm NOT inhaling smoke,& once I've got rid of the crap in my lungs It will stop. WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT!"

Norman Grundy

Legal To Use Inside - Beat The Smoking Ban.

The vapour (Looks like smoke) containing the nicotine is inhaled by the smoker producing the craving and satisfaction that traditional smokers seek. The simulated smoke then harmlessly evaporates into the air, within a few seconds.

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